Bioscience Research Centres

Delivering excellent research is no longer enough. In the UK, publicly funded research must also impact economic growth, prosperity and well being particularly in the UK. Viridian enables Impact through Innovation.

Evaluation of disclosed inventions:

Where Technology Transfer Offices lack the capability to evaluate innovations arising from plant or microbial bioscience research projects, Viridian is able to undertake thorough evaluation of new invention disclosures. We can give an authoritative view on the potential to secure a commercially relevant IP position and the potential to deliver economic or social impact.

Commercial project management:

For innovations with compelling impact potential, Viridian is able to manage individual projects or related portfolios from defining an IP strategy and first filing through to patent examination and grant. We will work with your preferred patent attorney to establish IP assets that are more attractive to licensees, or provide the basis of an invest-able spin-out venture.

Translational Funding:

Based on extensive experience in drafting and reviewing grant applications, Viridian is able to support researchers and TTOs to prepare stronger applications for translational funding such as to the BBSRC Follow on Fund, as well as InnovateUK Catalyst or similar innovation support schemes.

Contract Management:

With years of experience in negotiating legal contracts between industry and academic research centres, Viridian can provide interim contract management capability to fill short term staffing gaps.

Other projects:

Viridian can undertake project coordination roles for large scale collaborative research grants.